UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce

The UKGCC is a membership organization aimed at improving Trade between Ghana and the UK. At the heart of the UKGCC, we champion the idea of partnerships and enhancing professional relationships between the UK and Ghana with a strong focus on creating networks and connecting businesses.

The UKGCC provides lobbying and advocacy, market research and entry strategies, formal and informal platforms for business engagement all aimed at further enhancing relationships between the two countries.

The organization and its members continue to contribute to the growth of the economy and are dedicated to not only promoting Ghana as an investment destination but also, creating a platform where members have access to exclusive networks that contribute to the growth and development of their businesses.

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Our Work


The UKGCC works to promote Ghana as the ideal investment destination for sovereign governments worldwide through the execution of both inward and outward trade missions. The organization maintains a large network of institutional and private investors, with interests in all key sectors and regions.

Our investment summits – led by either the Head of State or Head of Government – are one of the most productive, globally, in terms of generating awareness, matching businesses and in delivering tangible investment outcomes.


We specialise in creating a platform where companies can network, interact and build lasting relationships with other organizations in the UK & Ghanaian corporate space. This is done through monthly events, quarterly breakfasts and investment summits.

The UKGCC assists companies with lobbying & advocacy as well as provide them exclusive access to senior executives in their industry of interests.

UK-Ghana Investment & Trade Summit 2018