APA Citation Machine for Students

Learning the basics Citation machine is a tool that helps students and even professional researchers to credit the information they used in a proper way. The primary goal of the citation machine is to make the citing process as easy as possible as there are no reasons to complicate this confusing process.

This article is going to present the best scheme of working with citation machine, so that your reference list becomes perfect without extra efforts.

Citation Formats

First of all you should choose the format according which your citation must be formed. Usually it is APA, MLA, Chicago style. Some machines also propose Turabian style.

Let’s take APA style citation machine for the example. When the style is chosen you should pay special attention to the edition of proposed citation rules. It must be the latest one- 6 th for APA and 7 th for MLA. So, we have chosen the 6 th edition of APA style and we see that the program proposes us to choose a kind of source we are using. The sources can be:

  • Print
  • Books
  • Anthologies or compiled works (Edited Books)
  • Reference works, encyclopedias
  • Journal articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Single chapter of Compiled work
  • Government publication
  • Conference proceedings
  • Interview
  • Online versions of book, magazine, journal, newspaper
  • Web-pages
  • Web-based media
  • Blogs
  • University documents online
  • Government document online
  • Produced video or film
  • Podcast
  • Interview recording
  • Content from an online community
  • TV or radio program
  • Online conference proceedings publications
  • Books and documents
  • Journalism
  • Multimedia
  • Social media
  • Non-print

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In some cases sources can be divided by type into 4 categories:

Then you have to choose the type of the source that was used in your work. Let’s imagine that you choose printed material from books and documents categories Anthology. First of all you can use online ISBN lookup. If it didn’t help, enter the information about the source manually. First of all fill in with the chapter or author’s name. Then enter the year of publication, chapter title and the name of book editor. Fill in with the full title of the book and add additional information such as volume and edition number, page. At the end you will have to enter the information about the company that published the book and its country/city. When all the fields are filled with necessary information press the Make citation bottom. When the citation is formed you should copy and paste it into your work file, because the citation machine does not remember any bibliographic.

So, in order to create a good bibliography that will be up to the quality you should proceed with the following steps.

Bibliography Writing Steps

Fill in the detailed information about every source you want to use in your work. Don’t forget to indicate the type of the source. If you don’t have some necessary information, it is better just to leave the field empty.

Each source that you added would appear in the alphabetical order. You can change the style of you bibliography according to the writing style of your paper.

Once all your sources were added you can download them and attach to your work. You can copy-past the bibliography or export it to the Word.

The Use of APA Citation Machine

Using APA citation machine is a fast and extremely easy way to get the correct and appropriate formatting style for your footnotes and bibliographies. It will take you several minutes to learn how to use citation machine and it will save you several hours. Using citation machine you can be sure that there won’t occur problems with formatting or punctuation, the program will make sure that everything is right.